vBeers.org – New Central Community Site for vBeers Events

Simon Seagrave and Simon Long have launched a new website today. The website is called vBeers and was created to provide an opportunity for virtualization enthusiasts and professionals to meet and enjoy discussing all things virtualization and anything else in the world of tech. Represented is the Twin Cities contingent of virtualization professionals who appreciate […]

Customize Firefox 3 for Publishing in XenApp 6

Please don’t ever tell VMware I wrote this… I’ve been preparing a Proof of Concept for using a published browser as a method of mitigating the risk of allowing employee internet access.  I don’t make the rules, I just provide solutions to the senior management.  I won’t argue the requirement here, it’s just a requirement.  […]

Twin Cities vBeers

Trying to start something new here by coordinating semi-regular meetups for like minded folks in the virtualization industry for lengthy discussion of the art of smoke at mirrors.  Keep an eye out of twitter hashtag #TCvBeers, nurse hopefully this will continue at locations in and around the twin cities. Inaugural TC vBeers Date: 22 January, […]

BGInfo, VMware Tools version and Server 2008

Nothing new here, short and sweet.  We all know about Microsoft’s (previously Sysinternals) BGInfo and it’s usefulness in a server environment.  Arne Fokkema, blogged on adding VMware Tools version to BGInfo a ridiculously long time ago though I just found it today.  Thanks to Duncan Epping for an English translation on Arne’s post. What I […]

Coffee with Thomas, vCommunity Trust Inc.

Short and sweet, check out the Coffee with Thomas podcast with my tweeps from the vCommunity Trust Inc.  I didn’t make this one but conversation was great still! “This episodes very special guests are the Board members of vCommunity Trust Incorporated. The board consists of Paul Valentina (twitter: @sysxperts) whom is the author of sysxperts.wordpress.com […]