RecoverPoint and LUN Name Changes

I’ve found a small quirk with RecoverPoint not registering LUN name changes using RecoverPoint 3.1 SP 1, though I noted the same issue in previous versions as well.

I like to keep my LUN named with a naming convention with usage description. I also do my best to not delete a LUN if there’s a chance I can reuse it in the near term. Removal of a LUN leaves unused tracks potentially between tracks used by other LUN, this becomes a greater concern when using MetaLUN. I’m just not a fan of having non-contiguous space on my disk and the process of a defrag can take a long time and puts a decent load on the disks with a performance impact.

All that said, I try to reuse my LUN requiring a rename upon reuse. Since most of the data is replicated via RecoverPoint most of the LUN have been previously configured. I’ve attempted to rename a LUN and immediately reuse and initialize replication again though the new LUN names were not picked up. Call it nothing short of anal retentive behavior but I don’t like seeing the wrong volumes names in the properties views. I finally found that the method of purging the apparent caching of LUN names is the remove from the SAN storage group (or whatever HDS, Netapp, etc calls them), preforming a rescan on storage in RecoverPoint then re-adding and continue on with business.

I wish a simple rescan of storage on RecoverPoint would update the names but it’s not the case.

2 thoughts on “RecoverPoint and LUN Name Changes

  1. I have an issue like this. I do not know how to do so a rescan on storage in RecoverPoint. Is this even possible when the LUN is in a consistency group?

  2. Apologies for the thread necromancy, but since this was one of the top Google hits on the question…

    I recently ran into a similar issue (LUN resize) and found that whilst the GUI rescan options were of no use the CLI is capable of triggering a rescan that detects a resize at least. Perhaps it will also detect name changes, e.g:

    connect as admin user to RecoverPoint cluster IP using CLI, then:

    rescan_san volumes=full splitters=yes

    Good luck…

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