Who Is The Virtualization Admins Real Customer?

After team discussion of ongoing customer support to our business partners and brainstorming on efficiencies I began to wonder about my whole role in this particular IT department.  I serve a role as storage and virtualization administrator with occasional assistance provided to the guys that jump every time a C level user has an issue.   I might know a little thing of two about using a Mac, or not, and our people are 95% Mac users.  Back to the point, the only people who make requests to me and consume my services are my peers.  If I’m slow in performing requested changes then the customer (developers, dba, business users, etc) go to the Network, Windows or UNIX team.  If my product is not performing, again, my peers get beat up for it.

I’m really noodling over this but I think that I ultimately support not the business partners of the company but, instead, my server administrators.  Everyone else I work with really is in a role of maintaining an infrastructure and supporting the customer, for them the customer is the same.  I get to also maintain an infrastructure while providing support to the guys that support the customer.  This doesn’t really change the way I work as I do everything I can to find a balance of performance, meeting server admin requests and maintaining my resources.

Am I just way off here?