vCenter U1 upgrade and SRM failure

In order to provide support for my Windows 7 using administrators I made the hasty decision to do a quick upgrade on vSphere Server to U1. After the upgrade I found that SRM services would no longer start on my SRM servers.  After spending way too long on troubleshooting what appeared to be invalid credentials I finally came across an article that reminded me of the new “repair” feature in Site Recovery Manager.  About that point it really hit me that credentials were fine, it must have been the certificates that were not.  Of course I didn’t back up the SSL files!  While attempting to run the repair I discovered something else; on Windows Server 2008, even when logged in as a local administrator, that using the Programs and Features snapin is not sufficient for running the repair.  I found the most efficient method appears to be executing the installable wtih “run as administrator” feature, selecting “repair” and following the prompts.

This immediately resolved the conflict.