VMworld Prep Thoughts

First, this is NOT a complaint. Understood?

Now; Wow, too many sessions to actually grok.  I printed out the entire session list, got a beer, spread list out on bar table and poured through everything that looked interesting.  At some point I made the decision I had to either commit to nothing but the Desktop track or exclude it completely.  I eventually chose the latter even though there is strong interest.  Desktop virtualization just seems as though it will be the easiest of the product line to gather more information on from my local VMware technical team due to VMware’s large push on the product line.

Even excluding the entire Desktop track I’ve managed to fill my schedule and have secondary sessions in case of a full room.  I still haven’t quite figured out what to give up so that I can squeeze in a few hands on labs.  What I’ve gotten from my local SE is that the Advanced Lab Tutorials are really going to be follow ups to the hands on lab sessions that will be going throughout the days.  I need to make the absolute best out of this, I want it all…I think I need to drop some of my expectations and accept that I’m going to miss out on some sessions, some social networking and maybe a bit more.

That said, I’m still more than just excited!  See you there.