VMworld 2010, Day One Thoughts

Day One

I’ve really been trying to go over the events of day one at VMworld 2010 and it’s been a lot of information to digest.  There’s certainly a lot of cool technology and I’m not really sure I understand any of it well enough to really speak authoritatively and I’m actually Ok with that for now.  The real take away for me on this first day has been the people I’ve met.  Hitting up a few different venue I’ve had the opportunity to meet far too many guys I’ve communicated with exclusively via Twitter or through reading blogs.  I don’t think there’s been a single person i wouldn’t love to sit down with, tip a pint and have a lengthy discussion with.  After the crew of tweeps I ended up with a crew from the vSpecialist team at EMC.  I need to say vie been following that team a fair amount since it’s inception and watching the talent being picked up.  These guys really. Are the best of the best in the virtualization, storage and networking disciplines.  Although i didn’t suspect I’d be meeting a bunch of elitist, pretentious guys I certainly wasn’t prepared for the team I met.  Every single one of the people I’ve met have been some of the most gracious, sincere individuals I’ve come across in a long time.

The solutions exchange was awesome but insanely crowded, couldn’t take it for very long.  Due to the crowds, I only attended one session and what I saw I loved.  Stepping into a session on View Performance and Best Practices we ended up being introduced to View Planner, a workload generator, profiler and reporting tool.  Awesome stuff to be seen and is available now, or will be with the GA availability of View 4.5.

Enough technology, day two should be bringing a lot more of that.     

One thought on “VMworld 2010, Day One Thoughts

  1. Tim,
    It was great to meet you and to actually talk for more than a few minutes at VMworld.

    I would agree with your take on day one and you are completely spot on with your description of the EMC vSpecialist crew. I also got a chance to meet quite a few of them in San Francisco. I would describe them as very talented, extremely passionate about what they do and unbelievably approachable.

    Looking forward to staying in touch with you.


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