Issues Mounting NFS Export on vSphere from NetApp

I was assigned a project to implement SRM in a recently acquired NetApp environment. In the process of doing so I needed to create a few NFS exports and was encountering failures when attempting to mount the storage.

vSphere vCenter 4.1
vSphere ESX 4.0 U1
NetApp FAS3140, viagra 100mg ONTAP 7.3.1 P2

Volume was created using the Add Volume wizards with mostly default values. After running the modify exports wizard and adding ESX servers as root hosts I was still unable to mount the volume.

Events entry for the ESX host read:

Restored connection to server <nfs server> mount
point /vol/vsphere_drvol mounted as 2b60d786-dbe81c1d-0000-000000000000 (drvol_fl03).

Tasks log read:

Create NAS datastore <esx host> An error occurred during host configuration.

vmkernel logging:

Error during the configuration of the host: Cannot open volume: /vmfs/volumes/280e61a8-9xxxxxx

Looking around, and it took several hours of frustration I finally found that the default security setting style on the QTree was NTFS. Changing this to Unix resolved all issues.


  1. Volumes -> Qtrees -> Manage
  2. Select Volume
  3. Change drop down from NTFS to Unix
  4. Apply and get on with life

2 thoughts on “Issues Mounting NFS Export on vSphere from NetApp

  1. Couple thoughts – if the NetApp is going to be used for mostly UNIX style qtrees you can set it to use that by default with the following: options default.wafl_security_style UNIX though remember if you would want to create Windows shares you’d need to change it to NTFS.
    Also, have you looked at the Virtual Storage Console (VSC?), it can handle automatically creating the volume, setting appropriate settings and mounting it to the hosts in the cluster – saves a lot of work.

  2. Awesome, wasn’t aware of the ability to modify default settings. Still learning the NetApp!

    I haven’t looked at the VSC at all, on it.

    Thanks Mike!

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