Coffee with Thomas, vCommunity Trust Inc.

Short and sweet, check out the Coffee with Thomas podcast with my tweeps from the vCommunity Trust Inc.  I didn’t make this one but conversation was great still!

“This episodes very special guests are the Board members of vCommunity Trust Incorporated. The board consists of Paul Valentina (twitter: @sysxperts) whom is the author of Chris Cicotte (Twitter: @Chris_Cicotte) author of Caroline Orloff (Twitter: @corloff) and Tim Oudin (Twitter: @toudin) whom is the author of Please tune into this special podcast and listen as the vCommunitytrust Board members gives great insight and perspective into: *Creation of vCommunity Trust *vCommunity leveraging social media influence *How to become a Board member *vCommunity Education Trust Fund *How the vCommunity is helping todays youth become IT specialist *Why Paul is a Friend to angry SysAdmins *Caroline’s new blog name (exclusive) *How Chris helped Ford Motor Company *and much much more Disclaimer: The opinions of the guests and host of this podcast are their personal opinions and not those of their employer.”