BGInfo, VMware Tools version and Server 2008

Nothing new here, short and sweet.  We all know about Microsoft’s (previously Sysinternals) BGInfo and it’s usefulness in a server environment.  Arne Fokkema, blogged on adding VMware Tools version to BGInfo a ridiculously long time ago though I just found it today.  Thanks to Duncan Epping for an English translation on Arne’s post.

What I realized, in the process of deploying this on some servers, is that I had no idea where the all users Startup folder was in Windows Server 2008.  With some poking I found it location at “C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup”.  Cool, but could Microsoft had made it a bit deeper in directory structure?

Ah, but wait, I said short and sweet but this isn’t all of the information.  VMware Tools, prior to the release of vSphere 4.1, are located as per the referenced posts.  vSphere 4.1 Tools installations had to screw with us a little by renaming the binary.  The binary to be used when configuring VMware Tools version display is now: “C:Program FilesVMwareVMware Toolsvmtoolsd.exe”.

Screen shot of end product (Obfuscated and not fully implemented, you’ll get the point though):