SRM Reassigns Protection Group after SVMotion of all Virtual Machines

Awesome find here, and even more awesome of a job by the VMware Site Recovery Manager development teams.  Here’s the explanation, screen shots likely wouldn’t help a whole lot and I’d need to obfuscate quite a bit since I’m dealing in a corporate environment and not a lab.

Background, I’m migrating to a new SAN using SVMotion as the solution.  Replication occurs using RecoverPoint and CLARiiON splitters.  New LUN were created, assigned to a Consistency Group and full replication sync completed.  New storage was zoned and masked at both protected and recovery sites.  New datastores were created on the Protected site.  In SRM, perform a rescan of storage.  New replicated volumes appeared with errors as no virtual machines had been placed on them yet.  I started SVMotion of all virtual machines from a datastore that comprised one existing and fully protected Protection Group.  As virtual machines relocated to new storage “invalid” virtual machine errors were displayed in SRM.  Once all virtual machines from the old protection group completed a SVMotion I went back to SRM and found that the original Protection Group still existed, contained all of it’s original virtual machines and displayed no errors.

I expected that, upon completion of the SVMotion, the original Protection Group would show in an error state and contain no virtual machines.  I also suspected that I’d be able to create a new Protection Group from the newly deployed storage.

Upon investigation what I found had really occurred is that SRM modified the existing Protection Group, removed the configuration for the old storage, added configuration for the new storage and re-applied protection to all virtual machines.  Keep in mind that these datastores where is separate Consistency Groups, therefore not candidates for addition to a single Protection Group.

This is pure awesomeness for us userland types, all I need to do now is complete my storage migration and just verify SRM is taking care of itself.  No mass destruction, recreation of Protection Groups and Recovery Plans necessary!