vRealize Automation 7 and Database Snapshot Isolation

While recovering from the dead I ran into a small issue installing vRealize Automation 7, and even learned a little something.  It took me far longer to work through the issue than it should have, here’s to hoping this will help someone else solve this challenge!

Apparently SQL Server Snapshot Isolation is required for vRealize Automation/vCloud Automation Center per VMware KB article 2037942, though I had haven’t run across any issues during vCAC 5.x or 6.x installations nor noticed it in installation documentation.  When installation vRA 7 I hit a point where database validation failed due to lack of Snapshot Isolation as seen in the screenshot below.


Doing the best investigation I’m capable of at 6:00 AM and only one cup of coffee, it seemed as though I could not enable Snapshot Isolation on the new database until I put my database in Full Recovery Model, which I never do since I don’t really have much of a backup solution in my lab.  Once I set Full Recovery Model I was able to successfully execute command “ALTER DATABASE vRA7 SET ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION ON”, validate with “SELECT sys.databases.snapshot_isolation_state FROM sys.databases WHERE sys.databases.name = ‘vRA7′” and successfully reran vRealize Automation validation from the deployment wizard as seen below.


Since this is my lab, and knowing I won’t be backing up this DB instance, I decided to try to set the database back to Simple Recovery Model to see what would happen with both Snapshot Isolation and the vRA installation wizard validation.  I had no errors setting the database back to Simple, the database retained the snapshot_isolation_state flag and validation succeeded again.  So, problem solved.