BGInfo, VMware Tools version and Server 2008

Nothing new here, short and sweet.  We all know about Microsoft’s (previously Sysinternals) BGInfo and it’s usefulness in a server environment.  Arne Fokkema, blogged on adding VMware Tools version to BGInfo a ridiculously long time ago though I just found it today.  Thanks to Duncan Epping for an English translation on Arne’s post. What I […]

Coffee with Thomas, vCommunity Trust Inc.

Short and sweet, check out the Coffee with Thomas podcast with my tweeps from the vCommunity Trust Inc.  I didn’t make this one but conversation was great still! “This episodes very special guests are the Board members of vCommunity Trust Incorporated. The board consists of Paul Valentina (twitter: @sysxperts) whom is the author of […]

vSpecialist’s Delight

Almost forgot to get this out after all of the VMworld excitement. I had the pleasure of a last minute invite to the vGeekFest party at which a video put together by the vSpecialist team was debuted. This was by far the funniest thing I’d seen all week, check it out! [Lyrics] Im with Chad’s […]

VMworld 2010, Day One Thoughts

Day One I’ve really been trying to go over the events of day one at VMworld 2010 and it’s been a lot of information to digest.  There’s certainly a lot of cool technology and I’m not really sure I understand any of it well enough to really speak authoritatively and I’m actually Ok with that […]

VMworld Prep Thoughts

First, this is NOT a complaint. Understood? Now; Wow, too many sessions to actually grok.  I printed out the entire session list, got a beer, spread list out on bar table and poured through everything that looked interesting.  At some point I made the decision I had to either commit to nothing but the Desktop […]