RecoverPoint and LUN Name Changes

I’ve found a small quirk with RecoverPoint not registering LUN name changes using RecoverPoint 3.1 SP 1, though I noted the same issue in previous versions as well. I like to keep my LUN named with a naming convention with usage description. I also do my best to not delete a LUN if there’s a […]

EMC RecoverPoint Snapshot Consolidation

Too bad they did it wrong, RecoverPoint is truly an awesome product and is making my life significantly easier.  Nice idea, EMC, really nice idea that will hopefully be fixed in SP 2. RecoverPoint is a fabric based data replication technology that can either replication synchronously, locally or asynchronously remotely.  The tool enable a point […]

VMware vSphere Online Library, ESX 4.0 and vCenter Server 4.0 Edition In this online library, price you can view VMware product documentation, search across all books in a product documentation set, and print or bookmark topics. Searching the Online Library This online library uses the features of your Web browser as well as some additional capabilities to help you access product information. You can search […]