VMworld 2010, Day One Thoughts

Day One I’ve really been trying to go over the events of day one at VMworld 2010 and it’s been a lot of information to digest.  There’s certainly a lot of cool technology and I’m not really sure I understand any of it well enough to really speak authoritatively and I’m actually Ok with that […]

VMworld Prep Thoughts

First, this is NOT a complaint. Understood? Now; Wow, too many sessions to actually grok.  I printed out the entire session list, got a beer, spread list out on bar table and poured through everything that looked interesting.  At some point I made the decision I had to either commit to nothing but the Desktop […]

VMworld 2010 Events

Tons of social networking events for tweeps and mere mortals are planned for VMworld, remedy see the VMworld 2010 Gatherings & Activities document for complete details.  This is a living document, frequently being updated.  Check often! Note; Yes, somehow the URL changed recently…

Social Media Contributors at VMworld 2010

Just discoverd that the social media contributors page has been put up for VMworld 2010.  Awesome stuff, follow it for all the dirt at VMworld! VMworld 2010 is going to be a whirlwind of technology and social activity. Let’s keep in touch! If you are going to VMworld 2010 in San Francisco and use social […]